Best Roof Cleaning

We live in nature and as such, our homes are exposed to nature and all it’s forces. A house is an investment, so keeping the roof maintained will save you cash in the long run. Eventually, all roof materials start to grow Gloeocapsa magma, which spreads as an air borne spore and grows on any surface that retains moisture. On most roofs, this starts near the gutter line as that area holds the most amount of water. From there, it grows up the roof in streaks, eating the granules of Asphalt and Composite Shingles. Anyone with this type of roof knows that granule loss equates faster roof damage. Left unchecked, the Gloeocapsa magma becomes a food source for moss and lichen to grow on the roof. Moss and lichen put roots into the shingles around the granules, so scrapping the moss off wrenches the roots out of the shingles taking those precious granules as well. Happily, there is a safe, green treatment process that doesn’t put a dent in your wallet. Approved by roofing manufacturers, no-pressure roof treatments are the only way to treat an entire roof that ensures minimal granule loss.

A chemical mixture that includes a fungicide is sprayed onto the roof that gives a 100% kill ratio. This solution should not be rinsed off as that would leave some organic matter on the roof. The whole goal, here, is to keep the roof algae free as long as possible. The black discoloration will be gone immediately, leaving the moss and lichen. The moss/lichen will turn a light brown color when it is dead. Remember those roots? To keep those granules on the roof, the dead roots need to stay in the roof. The safest way to remove the moss/lichen is to let the wind and rain break the moss/lichen at the root level.